Mailing lists

A mailing list has been established to facilitate the exchange of views and experience as well as for arriving at an understanding regarding future development aims, the discussion of technical questions and co-operative problem solving. The mailing list's primary language is German, but you may post messages in English, too.

Mailing list

The mailing list deals with general questions and serves the communication on subjects regarding DFG sponsored (mass) digitisation, the DFG Viewer and other aspects of the DFG rules of good practice. It also deals with the technical questions of the DFG Viewer, the file formats and their implementation as well as further development.
All you have to do to subscribe to the mailing list is to send an e-mail to You will then receive an e-mail to which you only have to reply to confirm your subscription. As of that time, you are a member of the mailing list, you will receive all list mails automatically and can also write e-mails to the members on the list. The subscription is, of course, free of charge and can be terminated at any time by sending an e-mail to the following address:
As a subscriber to the list you can write e-mails to all the members on the list by addressing your e-mail to


The Archive of the mailing list can be read even without subscription. To search the archive please use Google and add the parameter "" to your search.