The project

The DFG Viewer is a browser web service for displaying digital representations from decentralised library repositories. It has an XML interface for exchanging meta- and structural data in the METS/MODS and METS/TEI format. Displaying of a digital representation is enriched and supplemented with additional functions, if applicable, with the help of these data. As a result, users are provided with a uniform interface for viewing digitised media. They can browse documents, view and download the individual digital representations in various resolutions and switch to the respective web presentation of the library involved upon a request to that end in order to use further possibilities there. The DFG Viewer is based on the free CMSTYPO3 as well as the open source digitization software Goobi and can be used free of charge by anyone interested. This can either be done centrally via the web service operated here or by means of a local implementation. In this context, connection is optionally provided via a native XML interface or via the standardised OAI protocol. You can find comprehensive documentations, examples and useful tips regarding both application scenarios there.

Moreover, this web service is intended to start a discussion regarding metadata standards for mass digitisation projects sponsored by DFG and their applicability, which should be as broad as possible, and to put the sample application, such as the Viewer, to the test.