Project partners

The DFG Viewer is essentially developed by SLUB Dresden on behalf of Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation).

Development history

The original prototype of the DFG Viewer was developed by Dr. Thomas Staecker in May 2007 and presented on the web pages of Herzog August Library Wolfenbüttel. This constituted a purely functional feasibility study, which was still based on a partly proprietary XML format. However, this Demonstrator pointed the way for the further co-operation of the four project partners  involved in the campaign for the digitisation of printed works recorded in national registers (VD16/VD17):The current version is a consistent further development of the prototype from Wolfenbüttel by Sebastian Meyer and Alexander Bigga (SLUB Dresden), which now supports the METS/MODS and METS/TEI standard and the OAI 2.0 protocol for metadata harvesting. In addition to this, the technical implementation was effected in an easily accessible and XHTML compliant manner in accordance with the guidelines of BITV [German Ordinance on Easily Accessible Information Technology]. The graphic layout of this web site and of the Viewer was designed and implemented by Thomas Jung (SLUB Dresden). The underlying METS/MODS profile was largely developed by Markus Enders, Joachim Migl, Stefan Funk, Barbara Levergood and Karsten Otte from Digitisation Centre of SUB Goettingen supported by Dr. Thomas Staecker (HAB Wolfenbüttel), Sebastian Meyer (SLUB Dresden) and Kay Heiligenhaus (semantics). The METS/TEI profile was largely developed by Torsten Schaßan (HAB Wolfenbüttel) and Sebastian Meyer (SLUB Dresden).