Conditions of use

The web service offered here is free of charge and can be used freely by anyone interested. You can also integrate the DFG Viewer into your own web offer or your OPAC. You do not have to install any further software to that end. In order to be able to use the Viewer in other contexts as well, the software for the DFG Viewer is available for you free of charge at GPL 3.0 and subject to the following additional conditions:
  1. The standard design contained is protected under copyright and may exclusively be used non-publicly for demonstration and testing purposes as well as publicly in the framework of the web service offered here. If you wish to operate your own instance of the viewer, you have to replace the design based on templates and style sheets with an individual or alternative free design.
  2. The designation DFG Viewer is also reserved for the instance of the viewer operated here.

If you agree to these terms you can download the DFG Viewer from Github or the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER).