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The Palace of Minos: a comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustred by the discoveries at Knossos: The great transitional age in the northern and eastern sections of the Palace Frontispiz Titelblatt Preface Contents Architectural plans and sections General plans, List of coloured plates, List of supplementary plates 'North-West Insula' North of Central Court Fig. 11 a Fig. 11 b Discorvery of 'Spiral Ceiling' and 'Miniature Frescoes' The Miniature Frescoes: 1,Temple and Grand Stands The Miniature Frescoes: 2, Sacred Grove and Dance Fig. 38 Fig. 39 The Miniature Frescoes: 3 Miniature painting on crystal Fig. 66 a Fig. 66 b Fig. 67 Fig. 68 Fig. 69 Fig. 74 Fig. 76 Fig. 78 Fig. 80 a Fig. 84 Pictorial religious subjects on signet-rings, reflecting miniature style Fig. 89 Fig. 90 b 1,2 Fig. 91 Fig. 92 Fig. 93 Fig. 94 Fig. 95 Fig. 96 Fig. 97 Fig. 98 Fig. 99 Fig. 104 Upper Porticoes of N. Entrance and their painted reliefs of bull-hunting scenes Fig. 129 Fig. 131 Fig. 132 Parallels supplied by bull-reliefs The Taureador Frescoes Fig. 149 Fig. 150 Fig. 151 a Fig. 151 b Fig. 152 Fig. 153 Fig. 154 Fig. 162 Fig. 163 Fig. 164A The East Postern and Bastion Advanced minoan water-system 'East Corridor', linking East Bastion and Stepway with 'Domestic Quarter' Further reconstruction of the 'Domestic Quarter' Grand Staircase and Loggia as further restored Fig. 204 Fig. 205 Fig. 208 Fig. 209 Fig. 210 Fig. 211 Fig. 212 'Hall of the Double Axes' as reconstituted The 'Queen's Megaron' as reconstituted East Treasury Fig. 275 Further relics derived from the East Treasury Fig. 283 Fig. 284 Chryselephantine figurines of 'Boston Goddess' and Boy-God connected with Ivory Deposit Fig. 323 Fig. 324 Fig. 324A Fig. 325 Fig. 326 Great 'East Hall' resuscitated The painted high reliefs from East Hall Fig. 344 Fig. 346 Fig. 347 Fig. 349 Fig. 360 Fig. 361 Fig. 362 Supplementary plates XXXII-XLII General plans (D-G)
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