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Travels in Egypt and the Holy Land, or, The crescent and the cross Frontispiz Kupfertitel Titelblatt Widmung Contents of the first part Contents Preface Chapter I: The outward bound Chapter II: Life at sea Chapter III: Gibraltar – the straits – Algiers Chapter IV: Malta Chapter V: Alexandria Chapter VI: The Nile – its battle Chapter VII: Mahmoudieh Canal – Battle of Aboukir – Atfeh Chapter VIII: Cairo – its port – view from without – within – the citadel Chapter IX: Heliopolis – garden of Shoobra – slave–market Chapter X: Women – the hareem Chapter XI: Women – love – immortality Chapter XII: The moslem Chapter XIII: Mahomet, and his creed Chapter XIV: The copts – the missionaries Chapter XV: Magic – magnetism Chapter XVI: Life upon the Nile – Memphis Chapter XVII: Egyptian music Chapter XVIII: Valley of the Nile Chapter XIX: Siout – the catacombs Chapter XX: River incidents Chapter XXI: The Nile up to the first cataract Chapter XXII: Assouan, and the cities of Egypt Chapter XXIII: Æthiopia and Abyssinia Chapter XXIV: The cataract and Philœ Chapter XXV: Nubia Chapter XXVI: Antiquities of Nubia Chapter XXVII: Esneh, the Almé, and the Arnouts Chapter XXVIII: Thebes Chapter XXIX: Dendera to Cairo Chapter XXX: The pyramids Chapter XXXI: Modern Alexandria Chapter XXXII: Mehemet Ali Chapter I: The Levant – Beyrout Chapter II: Syrian scenery Chapter III: Djouni, and Lady Hester Stanhope Chapter IV: Tyre, Sidon, and Acre Chapter V: The Bivouac, and Mount Carmel Chapter VI: Jaffa, Ramleh, and the hill country of Judea Chapter VII: Jerusalem Chapter VIII: The monk and the missionary Chapter IX: The pilgrim Chapter X: Bethlehem Chapter XI: Mar Saba, the Dead Sea, and the valley of the Jordan Chapter XII: The Arab and the horse Chapter XIII: The Jew Chapter XIV: The Lebanon Chapter XV: Damscus Chapter XVI: Baalbec Chapter XVII: The cedars Chapter XVIII: Constantinople Chapter XIX: Greece Chapter XX: The Ionian Islands Appendix A: Natural history of Egypt — railways and canals B: Agriculture, manufactories, commerce & c., of Egypt C: Hints to travellers in the East D: The early arab–bedouin life E: The mountain tribes F: Government of Corfu Maßstab
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