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Modern trends of education in photogrammetry & remote sensing Modern trends of education in photogrammetry & remote sensing Technical Programme - Contents [Vorwort] [Vorwort] [Vorwort] [Vorwort] The Impact of Technology on Working Methods, Education, and Professional Status in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. F. Ackermann. Education of Photogrammetry (WG VI/2). A modern approach to photogrammetric curricula. A. Gruen. EDUCATION IN PHOTOGRAMMETRY AT THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. Kurt Novak and Anton F. Schenk. Low Cost Digital Photogrammetrie System for Education and Training. Shunji Murai. Education of Photogrammetry (WG VI/2). SENSE AND NONSENSE IN OUR DISCIPLINE AND PROFESSION. Teodor J. Blachut. ITC EXPERIENCE WITH LIS/CADASTRE COURSES. J. Kure - F. Amer. ITC TRAINING PACKAGE FOR PHOTOGRAMMETRIC OPERATORS (TPPO). C. Paresi. ITC M.Sc. Degree Programme in Integrated Map and Geo-Information Production. J. Drummond, C. Paresi. COURS DE FORMATION POUR OPERATEUR EN RELEVEMENT PHOTOGRAMMETRIQUE DES BIENS CULTURELS. Education of LIS/GIS (WG VI/2 and WG VI/7). THE SCOPE AND CONTENT OF EDUCATION PROGRAMS IN LAND AND GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (LIS/GIS). Grenville Barnes and Duane F. Marble. EDUCATION IN GIS/LIS AT THE DEUT UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY. M. J. M. Bogaerts. REMOTE SENSING AND GIS EDUCATION IN THE UNITED STATES: A PERSPECTIVE FROM THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PHOTOGRAMMETRY AND REMOTE SENSING. Daniel L. Civco, Ralph W. Kiefer. INTERDISCIPLINARY EDUCATION IN REMOTE SENSING AND GIS THE WISCONSIN EXPERIENCE. Ralph W. Kiefer, Thomas M. Lillesand. REMOTE SENSING AND GIS EDUCATION AT THE UNIVERSITY OF THE AEGEAN DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES. John N. Hatzopoulos. THE NEW GIS COURSE AT THE NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY. J. BADEKAS. Education of Remote Sensing (WG VI/7). REMOTE SENSING EDUCATION AND RESEARCH BASIC CHARACTERISTICS AND TRENDS STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONS. D. Rokos. Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in Civil Engineering. Patmios E. Information retrieval and Technical Co-operation (WG's Vi/4, VI/5 and WG VI/6). PROPOSED ISPRS PARTICIPATION IN AN INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATION RECYCLING PROGRAMME. Ann Stewart. EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE: UNDEFINED RELATION. Emmanouel S. Kapokakis. Education (WG VI/2 and WG VI/7). EDUCATION AND TRAINING IN CARTOGRAPHY. Ferjan Ormeling. THE LAND SURVEYING TRAINING IN ZAMBIA. Aleksandra Bujakiewicz. ON THE IMPORTANCE OF PROJECTIVE GEOMETRY FOR ANALYTICAL AND DIGITAL PHOTOGRAHMETRIC RESTITUTION. Gerhard Brandstatter. NOAA SATELLITE STATION IH GREECE : PROSPECTS OF ESTABLISHING AND USES IN REMOTE SENSING EDUCATION. History, MLD and National Reports (WG's VI/1, VI/3 and TF). ANALYTICAL METHODS AND INSTRUMENTS. Sanjib K. Ghosh. Problems and Status of ISPRS-Dictionary. G. Lindig. RADARSAT: A new source of data for resource management. E. J. LANGHAM. The National Reports Prepared bv the ISPRS Member Countries for ISPRS Congresses. CLOSING SESSION.
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