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The Imprint Einband Vorblatt Titelblatt Index to volume one: january to june, 1913 Index to illustrations Books reviewed Zeitschriftenheft Art and workmanship The law of the imprint Decoration and its uses The american way Lithography The coming illustration Abbildungen Trade teaching and education Cost finding and keeping Paper selection for offset and intaglio printing The plain dealer Book notices Abbildungen Zeitschriftenheft Notes on my own books for children The printing of children`s books The illustration of children`s books Drawings by Birket Foster for his children Black and white drawing for reproduction Abbildung Compulsory american printing The arts and crafts exhibition Abbildung Lithography Decoration and its uses The plain dealer Reviews Some notes on the cost conference Werbung An up-to-date platen Correspondence The praise of the press Abbildung Zeitschriftenheft Honoré Daumier Lithography Swelled gelatine electro blocks Abbildung Thomas R. Way International colour printing and poster exhibition Abbildung The house of Macmillan Glad dawn once more Ten honest men The printer's cost congress Decoration and its uses The plain dealer Reviews Offset and offset machinery Correspondence Zeitschriftenheft Abbildung The woodcut portraits of Jan Lievens and Dirk de Bray Notes on some wood-engravings of Lucien Pissarro Abbildungen Decoration and its uses The value of the shop window The plain dealer Colour printing Linotype troubles Two more platens Reviews The value of good illustrating Correspondence Zeitschriftenheft Abbildung A brief sketch of the history of wood-engraving Post-Impressionism Lithography Printer's lien Trifling with the code Some eighteenth century song books Decoration and its uses Ten honest men The plain dealer Intaglio photogravure printing Correspondence New patents Notes on the future of printing Abbildung Zeitschriftenheft Pioneers of photogravure Abbildung A plea for reform of printing Abbildung Old books and their printers Abbildung Edward Arber, F.S.A. - A note The plain dealer Abbildung Reviews Decoration and its uses The Hodgman press Printing and patents Correspondence &c. Vorblatt Einband
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