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Studio: international art Einband Spiegel Schmutztitel Titelblatt Index to volume LXXXV No. 359 (January 1923) Etty's pictures in Lord Leverhulme's collection Leaves from the sketch-book of Walter Brand Some new purchases by the National Gallery of Canada The flower-piece in modern art Pictures from recent London exhibtions Studio-talk Reviews No. 359 (February 1923) The collection of Mr. William Burrell, [1] ''Black Charles'' Impressions of Granada Essentials of sea armory Decorative art at the Royal Academy, [1] Studio-talk Reviews No. 360 (March 1923) The landscape paintings of S. J. Lamorna Birch, R.W.S. Decorative art at the Royal Academy A long lost Turner water-colour The Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers Domestic architecture and decoration, [7] National war memorial for Melbourne, Australia Pictures and drawings from recent exhibitions in London Studio-talk Reviews No. 361 (April 1923) Water-colour drawings at Messrs. Agnew's Stained glass by Reginald Bell Einar Jónsson Notes on some paintings by Orlando Greenwood Domestic architecture and decoration,[8] Studio-talk Obituary No. 362 (May 1923) Gerald Brockhurst's paintings and drawings The Albizzi Madonna of Leonardo da Vinci The collection of Mr. William Burrell, [2] Miss Eileen Soper's etchings of childhood Pictures and etchings from London exhibitions, [2] Domestic architecture and decoration, [9] Studio-talk Reviews No. 363 (June 1923) The paintings of Philip Connard, A.R.A. William Walcot's etchings of the old and new worlds The Royal Academy exhibition, 1923 The art of Don Ricardo Marin Lithographs from the XIIIths annual exhibtion of the Senefelder Club Studio-talk Spiegel Einband Maßstab/Farbkeil
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