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Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean Einband Schmutztitel Titelblatt Contents Acknowledgments Map Egypt Kom el-Dikka: Excavation and preservation work, 2003/2004 Islamic glass from the auditoria on Kom el-Dika in Alexandria Marea Glass finds from the basilica in Marea, 2004 Tell Farama (Pelusium) Some terracotta figurines from Tell Farama (Pelusium) Marina el-Alamein Early roman glass from Marina el-Alamein Bronze jewelry from Marina el-Alamein Marina el-Alamein The anastylosis and conservation of architectural niches in Marina el-Alamein Tell el-Farkha (Ghazala) West Saqqara Conservation work, 2004 Inscribed material from Saqqara, 2004 The pottery, 2004 Naqlun (Nekloni) Preliminary observations on the coptic texts found during seasons 2003 and 2004 Textiles with arabic inscriptions excavated in Naqlun 1999-2003 Textiles from Naqlun, 2004 Wooden coffins from cemetery A in Naqlun Deir el-Bahari Appendix: New kingdom tomb painting as art Sheikh abd el-Gurna hermitage in tomb 1152 Preliminary remarks on the coptic ostraca from seasons 2003 and 2004 Pharaonic pottery from Sheikh abd el-Gurna Sudan Old Dongola Wall paintings discovered in Dongola in the 2004 season Monastery church on Kom H in old Dongola. Thrid and fourth season of excavations (2004, 2004/5) Banganarti Banganarti 2004 inscriptions Banganarti 2004: conservation report Merowe Dam Saffi island Excavations on Saffi island sites 7, 48 and 32. Preliminary report, 2004 Uli island Stone artifacts from Uli island Rock drawings from Uli island Neolithic to napatan pottery from Uli island preliminary report From Khor Umm Ghizlan to Shemkhiya MtoM Early Makuria research project excavations at el-Zuma preliminary report Remarks on a survey of the tumuli field at el-Zuma Animal bones from the excavations at ez-Zuma Lebanon Chhîm Jiyeh (Porphyreon) Jiyeh Late hellenistic and early roman pottery production center at Jiyeh rescue excavations, 2004 Eshmoun valley Kaftoun Kaftoun 2004 Syria Palmyra Restoration work in the Palmyra museum in 2004 The lion of Allat in Palmyra new museum display project Tell Arbid Geophysical survey, 2004 Tell Qaramel Index Einband Maßstab/Farbkeil
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