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International studio Titelblatt [Index] No.141 (November, 1908) Paul Dougherty Johann Barthold Jongkind Some examples of tapestry designed by Sir E. Burne-Jones and Mr. J. H. Dearle Morocco as a winter sketching ground Architectural gardening, 2 Decorative art at the Munich exhibition Japanese colour prints, 3: "Girl in a snowstorm" by Kuniyasu Studio-talk Art school notes Reviews and notices The lay figure: on studying the masters Emperor William's gifts to Harvard University A word on faience Public drawing-school of Newark, New Jersey Art in the West : a movement for support by special tax The opening of the art school season Artistic piano decoration The teco pottery Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan's examples of gothic art at the Metropolitan Museum No. 142 (December, 1908) George Grey Barnard Colonial rooms for country houses In the galleries Sea gulls:  designed and etched by Félix Barcquemond Holiday art books Auguste Lepère The gardens of England The paintings of William Mouncey, of Kirkcudbright The drawings of Edmund Dulac The Scottish Modern Arts Association Recent designs in domestic architecture The Ruskin Museum at Sheffield The making of plaster casts A painter of old French towns Studio-talk Art school notes Reviews and notices The lay figure: on a story with a moral Holiday art books The little house:  its possibilities and its charms Christmas suggestions Greek and Roman terra-cottas in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition of adversiting art No. 143 (January, 1909) Charles Volkmar, Potter Percival Rosseau Some recent paintings by John Lavery, R.S.A., R.H.A. Architectural gardening, 3 An Austrian portrait-etcher Prize designs for the monument of the reformation, Geneva Frederic Yates Recent designs in domestic architecture Japanese colour prints, 4: "Preparing for doll festival" by Hokusai Studio-talk Art school notes Reviews and notices The lay figure: on an old saying Mr. Roth's ceramics Stair rails and stairways Saint-Gaudens memorial exhibition at the Corcoran The Corcoran Gallery's second exhibition of contemporary American paintings In the galleries New York Water-Color Club Exhibition Elmer Wachtel Cut brass work Commercial design Advice on the finish and furnishing of a simple cottage Suggestions for a modified colonial hall Good arrangement for a colonial mantel Decoration in swedish hand weaving Modern artists No. 144 (February, 1908) Robert Reid and his work Henri Harpignies Edwin L. Lutyens, F.R.I.B.A., architect of houses and gardens "The Studio" year book of decorative art, 1909 A Dutch painter An American painter in Paris Designs for a country cottage Studio-talk Art school notes A chromo-litographic portrait of count Leo Tolstoi by Pasternak Reviews and notices The lay figure: on looking backwards German art at the Metropolitan Museum Third annual exhibition of the National society of craftsmen The winter exhibition of the National academy of design Thirteenth annual exhibition, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, 1909 In the galleries Signora Perera's egyptian collection The new building of the National city bank Second annual exhibition of advertising art Book binding Maßstab/Farbkeil
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