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Zeus: a study in ancient religion: Zeus god of the bright sky Einband Schmutztitel Frontispiz Titelblatt [Gedicht] Widmung Preface Contents of Volume I List of Plates in Volume I Abbreviations Chapter I: Zeus as god of the bright sky § 1: Zeus and the daylight § 2: Zeus and the burning sky § 3: Zeus Lýkaios § 4: Zeus und Olympos § 5: The mountain-cults of Zeus § 6: Zeus in relation to the Sun (a): Direct identifications of Zeus with the Sun (b): Cult-epithets of Zeus that may be solar (c): The sun as the eye of Zeus (d): The sun as a wheel I: The solar wheel in Greece II: Zeus and the solar wheel III: Zeus and the solar disk IV: The Lycian symbol V: The Lycian symbol and the Kyklops VI: The Kyklops of the east and the Kyklops of the west VII: The Kyklops and Zeus VIII: The blinding of the Kyklops’ eye IX: Prometheus’ theft of fire X: The fire-drill in relation to Prometheus, the Kyklops, and Zeus XI: The solar wheel combined with animals XII: The solar chariot XIII: The solar wreath (e): The sun as the bird of Zeus (f): The sun and the ram (g): The sun and the bull I: The bull and the sun in Egypt II: Zeus, Io, and Epaphos III: Priests and priestesses with animal names IV: Hera and the cow V: Kleobis and Biton VI: Trophonios and Agamedes VII: The Proitides VIII: Hera and Io IX: Zeus and Argos X: The myth of Pasiphae XI: The bull and the sun in Crete XII: The cow and the moon in Crete XIII: The sacred cattle of Gortyna XIV: The labyrinth of Knossos XV: The Minotaur XVI: The “minoan “ bullfights XVII: Ritual horns XVIII: The marriage of the sun and the moon in Crete XIX: Zeus and the Bovine figures of cretan mythology XX: The bull and the sun in Syria XXI: The significance of the bull in the cults of Zeus XXII: Animals sacrificed to Zeus (h): The sun as a bronze man § 7: Zeus in relation to the moon § 8: Zeus in relation to the stars § 9: General conclusions with regard to Zeus as god of the bright sky Addenda Index I: Persons – Places – Festivals Index II: Subjects – Authorities Einband Maßstab/Farbkeil
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