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Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly [cover recto] [Editors] Camera Work [masthead] Clarence H. [Hudson] White, Eduard J. [Jean] Steichen [list of plates] [Clarence H. [Hudson] White, I. The Orchard, photogravure from original negative] [Clarence H. [Hudson] White, II. Illustration to “Beneath the Wrinkle,” photogravure from original negative] [Clarence H. [Hudson] White, III. Illustration to “Eben Holden,” photogravure from original negative] [Clarence H. [Hudson] White, IV. Boy with Camera Work, photogravure from original negative] [Clarence H. [Hudson] White, V. The Beatty Children, photogravure from original negative] [Eduard J. [Jean] Steichen, VI. Portrait of Clarence H. [Hudson] White, photogravure from original negative] The Philosophy of Photographic Values Eva Watson-Schütze Eva Watson-Schütze [list of plates] [Eva Watson-Schütze, I. Head of a Young Girl, photogravure from original negative] [Eva Watson-Schütze, II. Portrait Study, photogravure from original negative] [Eva Watson-Schütze, III. The Rose, halftone reproduction from original gum print] [Eva Watson-Schütze, IV. Storm, halftone reproduction from original glycerine print] The Photographic Salon, London, 1904: As Seen Through English Eyes [Editors] To Our Subscribers Clarence H. White—An Appreciation [with an introduction by the editors] The “First American Salon at New York” Uncle ‘Rastus on the Origins of Trouble [Editors] Our Illustrations To Artists [reprint from Life, unsigned poem] The Photo-Secession [unsigned text] Founders, Fellows of the Council Elected Fellows Associates Sebastian Melmoth—Extracts [unsigned text] [Advertisements] Eastman Kodak Co. [Sepia Paper] E. B. Meyrowitz [Palmos Hand-Cameras, Zeiss Lenses] E. Schering [Pyrogallic Acid] The Manhattan Photogravure Company [Art Reproductions] American Aristotype Co. [Extra Heavy Smooth American Platinum Paper] The Obrig Camera Co. [Camera Apparatus and Supplies] Farbenfabriken of Elberfeld Co. [Hypo Destroyer–Bayer] The Photochrome Engraving Company [Half-Tones and Color-Plates] The Fleming Press [announcement of removal] Seymour Company [Fine Books and Pamphlet Papers] Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. [Zeiss Tessar f6.3 Lens] H. C. Townsend [Winter Resorts of Texas, Mexico & California] Ozotype Company [Ozotype Printing Process] Willis & Clements [The Platinotype] M. A. Seed Dry Plate Co. [Non-Halation Ortho Plate] Geo. [George] F. [Ferdinand] Of [Frames] John Royle & Sons [Lining-Bevelers] The Voigtlaender & Son Optical Co. [Heliar Lens] Nepera Division, Eastman Kodak Company [Velox Paper] G. Gennert [British Journal Almanac] Farbenfabriken of Elberfeld Co. [Edinol Developer] C. [Carl] P. [Paul] Goerz Optical Works [The Photographer’s Dilemma, advertisement supplement for Goerz lenses, with halftone reproduction] [Editors] [Advice to Readers] [Editors] [Advice to Advertisers] The Folmer & Schwing Mfg. Co. [Graflex Camera] Chas. [Charles] M. [Michael] Higgins & Co. [Higgins’ Photo Mounter] J. H. Dallmeyer, Ltd. [The Dallmeyer-Bergheim Lens] Eastman Kodak Company [Mezzo-tone, back cover verso] Maßstab/Farbkeil
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