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Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis Copies of this book may be obtained from Gesellschaft für Photograrmetrie und Fernerkundung at KAMMER DER TECHNIK, [...] Introduction Commission II PROGRESS IN DATA PROCESSING AND ANALYSIS Working Group Chairman CONTENTS [S 1 Special Session] ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMISSION II WITHIN THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR PHOTOGRAMMETRY AND REMOTE SENSING. Jürgen Pietschner Advances in the Processing and Analysis of Photogrammetric and Remotely Sensed Data. Prof Dr. Klaus Szangolies [S 2 Manufacturers Forum] New Developments in the Processing Software for P-Series Planicomp. Johannes Saile, Oberkochen PHOTOGRAMMETRIC PRODUCTS FROM LEICA. A Stewart Walker [S 3 Analytical Instruments (WG II / 1)] Digital Photogrammetric Applications with the Prime-Wild S9 Analytical Plotter. David Wilkins DICOMAT - The analytical photogrammetric restitution system of Carl Zeiss JENA GmbH. G. Bauer ANALPRET Computer Assisted and Controlled Plotter for Teaching and Interpretation. M. G. Gerencser, Prof. Dr. [S 4 Systems for Analysis of Remotely Sensed Data (WG II / 2)] LOW COST IMAGE PROCESSING ON PERSONAL COMPUTERS: THE MACINTOSH-II BASED DIRIGO SYSTEM. Manfred Ehlers A low-cost image processing system on a 32-bit RISC microcomputer. Mulder N. J., H. R. Kostwinder and L. J. Blesius [S 5 Systems for Reception, Recording, Preprocessing, Archiving and Dissemination of Remotely Sensed Data (WG II / 3)] A Fast Storage Unit With Integrated Database Processor for Image Data. Lieckfeldt, P.; Missling, K.-D. ; Neumann, B. THEMATIC COMPRESSION OF METEOROLOGICAL IMAGE DATA. Hans-Jörg Grundmann, Adolf Günther, Olaf Hellmuth A STANDARD METHOD FOR CREATING SELF-DEFINING DATA STRUCTURES FOR INFORMATION ARCHIVE AND TRANSFER. John A. Johnson LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS FOR UNDERSTANDING RETRIEVED DATA. Fred C. Billingsley [S 6 Systems and Instrumentation for Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing (WG II / 4)] Infrared and Microwave Radiometry for Mineral Identification and Moisture Determination. Dr. rer. nat. K. Schmidt, Dr. sc. H. Weichelt, Dipl. -Ing. W. Herr, Dipl.-Geologe M. Iffert Some results of microwave measurements during the INTERCOSMOS complex experiments GEOEX, TELEGEO and CARIBE. Horst Weichelt [S 7 Acquisition and Use of Space Photographic Data (IC-WG I / II)] Cartographic Potential of Space Images. Karsten Jacobsen Multispectral photocamera MK-4. Dr. Yu. KIENKO, Dr. I. NENASHEV, Yu. BELOUS THE COMPOSITING DEVICES FOR PHOTOIMAGES OF MK-4 CAMERA AND PREPARATION OF PHOTOMOSAICS AND PHOTOSKETCHES ON THESE DEVICES. Dr. Yu. KIENKO, Dr. V. KISELEV, Dr . Yu. ORLOV NEW TOPOGRAPHIC AIR SURVEY CAMERA WITH FORWARD MOTION COMPENSATION AFA-TK-10/18. Afremov V. G., Afanasiev I. Yu., Babashkin N. M, llin V. B., Nekhin S. S. On QUALITY IMPROVEMENT OF AIRBORNE REMOTE SENSING DATA AND THEIR PROCESSING MEETING THE USERS'DEMANDS. FRANZ PLISCHKE, SUSANN HEENE TECHNIQUE FOR DETERMINING BRIGHTNESS AND SPATIAL-FREQUENCY CHARACTERISTICS OF TERRAIN FROM AEROSPACE SURVEY MATERIALS. Dr. L. M. Matiyasevich, T. I. Mikheikina, B. V. Svechnikov PHOTOMETRICAL METHOD OP MAKING THE MAPS OP OPTICALLY-UNIPORM TERRAIN RELIEF. Dr. Kiselev V. V., Dr. Mamnitsky V. I., Dr. Matiyasevich L. M JOINT USE OF SPECTROZONAL AND RADIO-THERMAL IMAGES OF MICROWAVE RANGE IN PROBLEMS OF INTERPRETATION OF AEROSPACE SURVEY RESULTS. Dr. E. Maslovsky, Dr. V. Troitsky, Dr. Yu. Shestopalov REMOTE SENSING OF ECOLOGICAL SITUATIONS. Dr. V. A. SUCHTCHENYA Application of cosmic photographs for inventory and man-making of natural resources. by Arkhipov V. I. COMPOSITION CODING OF REMOTE SENSING DATA FOR DEVELOPING GEOINFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES OF OF RESEARCH OF NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. N. F. AFANASYEV. Efficient Technologies for Geological Projects and Nature Protection Studies Using Aero/Space Photography Data in USSR. By A. V. Pertsov and S. G. Slutskaya DISTINGUISHABLE DETAILS IN AIR PHOTOS. Werner Schubert PROGRESS IN SPACE PHOTOGRAPHY. KARL-HEINZ MAREK [S 8 Design and Algorithmic Aspects of Digital Photogrammetric Systems] PROGRESS AND POTENTIAL OF DIGITAL PHOTOGRAMMETRIC WORKSTATIONS. IAN DOWMAN DIPS II - Turning a Standard Computer Workstation into a Digital Photogrammetric Station. A. Gruen, H.A. Beyer CONSEQUENCES OF THE PHOTOGRAMMETRICAL VIEW OF SOLVING SPECIAL TASKS IN DIGITAL PHOTOGRAMMETRY WITH SERIAL COMPUTERS. DR. ERHARD PROSS An Advanced Digital Stereophotogrammetric System (ADSS)- Current Developments at the Technical University of Berlin. Gerhard Koenig, Wolfgang Nickel, Juergen Storl Low Cost Digital Photogrammetric System for Education and Training "BIRDMAN". Sunji MURAI and Kesami KOIDO Off-Line and On-Line Applications of Macro Photogrammetry. Karsten Jacobsen DIGITAL PHOTOGRAMMETRIC WORKSTATIONS. Peter Lohmann , Christoph Lüken, Gustav Picht INTEGRATION OF THE NOS CAMERA CALIBRATION SYSTEM INTO THE IDPF. Roop C. Malhotra ANALYTICAL VERSUS DIGITAL PHOTOGRAMMETRIC TECHNIQUES AND SYSTEMS. BRANKO MAKAROVIC PHOTOGRAMMETRIC OPEN SYSTEMS. Atef A. Elassal ANALOG OR DIGITAL MAPPING FROM AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS? A Contribution to the Conception of Digital Mapping Systems. O. Kölbl DESCRIBING DIGITAL PHOTOGRAMMETRY BY FUNCTIONAL ANALYTICAL METHODS. DR. ERHARD PROSS Modular Concept of an Airborne System for Collecting, Processing and Analysis of Remotely Sensed Data. Bach E., Nopirakowski J., Oertel D. Experimental Airborne Remote Sensing with Infrared-Scanner and Panchromatic CCD Area Array Camera (Camcorder). Weng, A.; Dr. Nopirakowski, J.; Ehrenberg, M.; Georgino, P.; Radtke, B.; Dr. Reulke, R. [S 9 Additional Paper] LEAST SQUARES POLYNOMIAL SURFACE FITTING WITH OVERLAPPING DATA. W. P. SEGU Report to Commission II ISPRS Intercommission Working Group II/III "DESIGN AND ALGORITHMIC ASPECTS OF DIGITAL PHOTOGRAMMETRIC SYSTEMS" Report to Commission II. H. Ebner, I. Dowman, C. Heipke Working Group II/l Analytical Instrument Activities. WORKING GROUP MISSION. prepared by Morris L McKenzie AUTHORS LIST
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