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Studio: international artSchmutztitelTitelblattIndexPlateNo. 1 (April, 1893)Artists as craftsmen, No. IThe growth of recent artLetters from artists to artists, [1]A new illustratorSpitalfields brocadesDesigning for bookplates, [1]The first publications of the Fitzroy Picture SocietyA history of furnitureThe Newlyn point of viewThe Grafton GalleryCurrent notes on the applied artsStudio gossipArchitectural notesParis notesRecent publicationsThe lay figure speaksSupplement to The Studio, May 1893No. 2 (May, 1893)Notes on Gesso workExhibitionA new treatment of basreliefs in coloured plasterThe School of Art Woodcarving, South KensingtonThe collecting of postersDrawing for reproduction by processLetters from artists to artists, [2]The exhibition of the Royal Academy, [1]A first impression of the Royal Academy, 1893The new galleryAt the Dudley GalleryParis notesScotch art notesSome new colour boxesA new edition of LongusA law figure speaksNo. 3 (June, 1893)The naissance of art in photographyIs the camera the friend or foe of art?The nude in photographyThe Grafton GalleriesThe exhibition of the Royal Academy and other galleriesScotch art notesLetters from artists to artists, [3]New books on artCatalogues receivedThe lay figure speaksNo. 4 (July, 1893)Artistic gardens in JapanThe Leek Embroidery Society, with illustrations of its workL' Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts d'AnversThe art magazines of AmericaSome recent book-plates with seven examplesA Thibetan teapotPen-drawing for reproductionThe camera and artThe Salon of the Rose+CroixLesser shows of juneParis letterScotch art notesArchitectural notesNew publicationsThe lay figure speaksNo. 5 (August, 1893)Sketching from natureThe art critic and the critical artistThe sketch-book in the streetColour and formSome new palettes and colour boxesArt in photographyPen-drawings for reproduction, [2]Letters from artists to artists, [4]Awards in the title-page competitionExhibition of students' work at South KensingtonThe Exhibition of the R. S. W., EdinburghThe lay figure speaksNo. 6 (September, 1893)Artistic housesOf GalleriesAn interview with Mr. Charles F. Annesley Voysey, architect and designerThe wall paintings by art students in the Town Hall, BirminghamSome new gas-fittingsSome sketches by Claude Monet and Eugène BoudinTechnique in glass paintingHerr Toorop's "The Three Brides"Awards of the wall-paper prize competitionThe cameraNew publicationsThe lay figure speaksThe Studio prize competitions for art studentsMaßstab/Farbkeil
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